Mao's Last Dancer

The Rover

Samson and Delilah

​Septembers of Shiraz

​​​"Trish Cahill and I did extensive tests to create ‘The China Look’ for MAO’S LAST DANCER. I wanted the China footage to look like it was shot in 1972, on old Eastman Colour Film. It involved a lot of hard work in the DI, blowing up the one stop under exposed negative 50%, applying a 1972 style colour twist and matching all the images shot under dozens of varied conditions. This China footage was intercut, and contrasted to ‘The USA’ footage set in 1982, which we created a separate look for.
I photographed the film knowing what Trish would do in the DI. She never disappointed me and always came up with the ‘look’ the film required. It was a pleasure collaborating and spending time with Trish. She has a good sense of humour and contributed so much to the look of the Cinematography. She works with and understands what the Cinematographer wants and delivers with a smile on her face making it all look so easy, which it isn't.

David Michôd                               Writer / Director

Peter James asc acs                           

Warwick Thornton         Director / Cinematographer

​"Trish Cahill did the most unbelievable job of colour grading Samson & Delilah. Her attention to detail and ability to make everything look really natural meant I could take all the credit as the cinematographer! I can't highly recommend her enough. But she better be free for my next film or there'll be trouble." 

​“No stage of the filmmaking process makes me feel more like I'm losing my mind than the grade. Suddenly one point of magenta in either direction feels like a life-or-death decision, I don't know what I'm looking at anymore, don't know if I ever did. There the film is, up on a big screen, looking as good as it's ever gonna look - and it's utterly terrifying. All of which is why I love sharing the experience with Trish Cahill. Not only is she incredibly talented, she has a beautiful, quiet way of always making me feel like everything will be OK - that's the kind of person I want to be sitting in dark, scary rooms with." ​